Monday, October 1, 2012

October You Pick Offerings.

G and S Orchards offers many different items to You Pick during the month of October. We have Red and Yellow Raspberries, Tomatoes and You Dig Potatoes available until the 1st hard frost or while supplies last (which ever comes first).

We also have lots and lots of Pumpkins. Over 14 different varieties of all shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from and the prices are very reasonable!

Cortland, Crispin, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Macoun, McIntosh and Spy Gold Apples are available for picking. If the apples are limited on the trees already picked bins of apples will be available for you to "Pick" from. The inclement weather this spring reduced the apple crop so we are trying to make your experience the best possible under the circumstances by supplying already picked apples.

We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.