Monday, January 25, 2016

What do we do in the winter?

We are often asked "What do you do in the winter. It is cold out and there is snow on the ground so does the activity on the farm come to a halt?" No it does not. We are almost as busy during the winter months as we are during the summer.
  • We review the previous year and decide what we can do to improve the coming year.
  • We order seed, plants, bushes, supplies and equipment.
  • We fix equipment.
  • We attend all different types of meetings and conventions.
  • We trim and/or remove trees and bushes.
  • We tend to our honeybees.
  • We plow snow.
  • We enroll members in the CSA.
  • We sift through mounds of paperwork for education, filing and government regulations.  
Most importantly we reconnect with family and friends joining them for lunch, dinner and parties that are often missed during the busy season.